Book Tour for Guardians of the Grimoire (Feb.28-Mar1)

Wow! This year is promising to be very exciting for me. Defenders of the Grimoire (book 2 of the Grimoire series) is moving along quite well, and I'm revved up to write Keepers of the Grimoire (book 3) right after. I'll be investing a lot of energy into the trilogy this year with cover reveals, book tours, reviews, giveaways, swag products, and merchandise. If you don't want to miss out on anything make sure you sign up via email, so you can receive all the information.

If you're a book reviewer or simply have a blog and want to help support this tour, click here to sign up today. There will be a tour wide giveaway for each day. You'll have the choice between doing a Review+Promo or a Promo only (no review). All information, banners, tour buttons, and images will be provided by CBL Book Tours.

Please note: Signups will close Feb.25.

Here's to looking toward the horizon and seeing a bright future! :)

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